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Whitepaper Summary


Space Knight (SPACEK) is a frictionless yield and liquidity generation smart contract protocol that works by applying 10% fee for each transaction and instantly splitting that fee by rewarding holders with 4%, auto locking 4% in Pancake LP and sending 2% to the Space Knight Marketing wallet. Holders can enjoy earning rewards by just holding Space Knight tokens in their wallets.

Besides passive income, what makes Space Knight special is that before the pre- sale was completed, 53.6% of Space Knight tokens were manually burnt forever to permanently reduce circulating supply. After the pre-sale was completed, unsold tokens were locked into the contract address by DxSale where they will stay locked until 2099, essentially burning an additional 13.5% of the initial supply.

The manually burnt tokens were sent to a dead address:
( 0x000000000000000000000000000000000000dead)

The Dxsale burn was sent to the contract address:

Supply Distribution

The Space Knight team consists of 4 developers, each assigned a specific role. For this reason, 10% of initial supply was distributed into the team wallets as follows: 

  • 4% – Developer pay wallets (1% per developer)
  • 2% – Marketing wallet (managed by STEF and used for marketing) 
  • 2% – Exchange & Listing wallet (managed by SHAWN and used for paying fees to exchange and listing services) 
  • 1% – Community Payroll wallet (managed by DARREN and used for paying individual holders who help move the project forward, eg. chat moderators, artists and content creators) 
  • 1% – Charity wallet (managed by FRAA and used for making small donations to various charities) 

Before DxSale pre-sale, there was a manual burn totaling 53.6% done by the developer team and an additional 13.5% by DxSale after the pre-sale completed (un-purchased tokens). 

  • 53.6% – Manually burned by developer team
  • 13.5% – Burned by DxSale and stored in contract (unsold tokens from pre-sale) 32.9% – Circulating supply that decreases daily

Space Knight Protocol

  • Space Knight applies three simple functions:  Reflection, Continuous Burn, Liquidity Lock
  • Space Knight entered the crypto space through a pre-sale campaign hosted by DxSale.
  • Liquidity is locked via DXSale until 2099 DXLock link: https://dxsale.app/ app/pages/dxlockview?id=3242&add=0&type=lpdefi&chain=BSC
  • Space Knight has also implemented a max tx control within the contract limiting buys and sells to 5 trillion Space Knight. 


Space Knight’s first audit was performed by TechRate, a widely known and is a company specialized on free smart contract audits, DeFi security and smart contract development. There were no High or Medium level findings and the low findings can be found in the full report: TechRate Audit

Long Term Goals

  1. Return on investment (ROI): For ourselves and our investors through multiple use case deployments. These initiatives are currently in the building stage. Goals include establishing strategic partnerships where Space Knight token can be used. The more transactions we are able to create, the more burn that occurs and the higher value of our coin.  Use cases that we are currently building toward include: Charting Site, Branded DEX, Partner Services, Merchandise, Collectible NFT and Games. 
  2. Implement additional methods to allow for Marketing, Exchange, Payroll and Charity wallet replenishment through various initiatives.
  3. Branding: We feel that we have a strong and unique brand in the crypto market that can expand beyond the token itself. We have already partnered with some amazing artists to work on official merchandise, NFT and game assets and we’ll continue to expand on this over time.
  4. Charity and payroll: Giving back to our community of investors is very important to our team. We feel strongly that community members who put in a lot of effort should be rewarded. Our payroll wallet will strictly be used for this purpose. We also want to live up to our name as Knights by acting with a readiness to help those in need. While charity is not our primary focus, we do want to help those in need through various charity efforts that we will share and gather feedback on from our community.

Note: Several people have had issues trying to view the DXSale locker page linked above including the Dev team.  We had to try different browsers and make sure DX was set to the BSC network before being able to view the page. For convenience we have provided a screenshot below showing the locked liquidity.

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