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Absolutely not!  Our team has taken every precaution to ensure our investors (including ourselves) are protected.  We will continue to participate in audits and be fully transparent with distributed funds as we move forward to grow this project.

The trust of our community is crucial for us! This is why we’ve taken the following actions to ensure safety and security for our investors. Fairly Distributed Presale. Space Knight has entered the crypto space through a presale campaign hosted by DxSale. The specifics of the presale were designed to ensure a dump-proof, healthy price action for future holders after launch.

  • To ensure that our investors are Safe, we have a liquidity locked until 2099. We will also continue locking our liquidity forever as the project grows.
  • DXSale Lock Link:
    Note: It may take a long time for the locker to load correctly so we have provided a screenshot below.

Be sure to always do your own research and please feel welcome to review all of our site documentation for additional information.  

We have implemented in our smart contract a function called MaxTX that protects against massive dumps from whales, meaning that a transaction can’t exceed 5 Trillion Space Knight tokens.

Besides passive income, what makes Space Knight special is that after presale is completed, 53.6% of Space Knight tokens have been manually burnt forever to permanently reduce circulating supply. More than that, 4% of each transaction is burnt each time forever. 

These burnt tokens are sent to a dead address (0x000000000000000000000000000000000000dead) and will be permanently locked here forever. As the dead address is also a holder of Space Knight there will be more tokens burnt overtime. Because it receives a share of each transaction fee just like any other holder, therefore decreasing our current supply even more overtime! These key aspects, combined with a competent marketing and exchange plan will just keep on giving to the long term holders.

Two members of our team have been doxxed and the other two must remain anonymous due to policy of the companies they work for.  Shawn and Stef have shared their pictures in the team section as well as a link to their Facebook page.

There is a lot we could say here, but we’ll start off with this for now and update as the project goes.

1.)  Return on investment (ROI):  For ourselves and our investors through multiple use case deployments.  These initiatives are currently in the building stage.  Goals include establishing strategic partnerships where Space Knight token can be used.  The more transactions we are able to create, the more burn that occurs and the higher value of our coin.  Some examples of this have been provided in our Whitepaper.

2.)  Sustained budget:  Implement additional methods to allow for Marketing, Exchange, Payroll and Charity wallet replenishment through various initiatives.

3.)  Branding:  We feel that we have a strong and unique brand in the crypto market that can expand beyond the token itself.  We have already partnered with some amazing artists to work on official merchandise, NFT and game assets and we’ll continue to expand on this over time.

4.)  Charity and payroll:  Giving back to our community of investors is very important to our team.  We feel strongly that community members who put in a lot of effort should be rewarded.  Our payroll wallet will strictly be used for this purpose.  We also want to live up to our name as Knights by acting with a readiness to help those in need.  While charity is not our primary focus, we do want to help those in need through various charity efforts that we will share and gather feedback on from our community.

Simply put, we looked at many many different names and concept designs ultimately landing on Space Knight.  When Space Knight was thrown in as  an option, there was an immediate spark within the dev team for various project concepts that we could use to promote the brand.  Aside from that, we all like the space theme as well as the idea of a noble knight trying to do good deeds.  

We fully realize how important it is to handle contract ownership with great care, so we have spoken with community members for feedback, looked at other successful tokens out there and considered potential future needs of our project.  After careful consideration of the pros and cons, we have decided to retain ownership of our contract for the foreseeable future.  Please refer to our AMA 1 document for more details as to why we’ve made this decision.  Please also remember, liquidity is LOCKED through DxSale until 2099!

The Dev team has put a lot of thought into the future of this coin already.  We want to build something really special here and that will require time and money.  As investors, we have seen numerous projects come and go as they start with small Dev wallets and burn through their funds quickly.  This is why we have setup our distribution as follows: TEAM WALLET 10%  ( 1% EACH DEV [4%], MARKETING 2%, EXCHANGE 2%, PAYROLL 1%, CHARITY 1%)  We feel that this will give us a competitive edge over many other projects out there as we are treating this like a business which needs funding throughout it’s lifetime.  

We will be very strategic with these funds  and consider price impact and return on investment (ROI), always.  This being said, if you have an idea to speed things up, feel free to send us an email for consideration.  You can also consider donating (info can be found in the Fundraising section). 

Please feel free to reach out to our team via our socials or individual emails (found in the Team section).  To reach all of us, you may email: [email protected] 

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